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Hi fellow crafting friends.. I am married and have been for 18 years, we have 2 children who are 17 and 14 and getting more complicated as they get older! I love my crafting.. though mainly cardmaking, it keeps me busy and off the (high)street, apart from our local craft shop where I am a frequent visitor. I have been crafting for about 6 year, it started with putting a few cut out easter eggs on some cards for people and just grew to what it is now, I have taken over the dinning room, garage and I have the cupboard under the stairs to.. one day I hope to convert the garage into a proper craft room. We live in Leicestershire but are orginally from Exeter in Devon. We moved here after a short stint in Bedfordshire but have been here for 8 years in October, its the longest we have ever been in one place for! My husband is an aircraft engineer but I dont really share his love of metal flying machines! Just cars and crafting!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Anniversary Cards

I was asked to make a 60th wedding anniversary card for a blind person and his wife. It had to be special and had to be tactile. I had thought about this card for ages, it was really perplexing me and then my friend (Jackie) saw a card make on the TV and I thought that it was perfect for what they wanted.
After another friend saw the card she wanted one for her inlaws 50th wedding anniversary.. this was a little easier to do and the result was well recieved, I have yet to find out what they think of the 60th card!

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jude said...

WOW it looks stunning your more than welcome happy to help.No stopping you now!!!lol